Entrepreneur Networking for Venture Capitlaists

On my last couple blogs I have really been trying to captivate why social media is important, not only in our daily lives, but also our business lives as well. Another topic I want to discuss is how networking can help you achieve more success.  You know by now that networking and staying connected is essential in today’s world.

Businesses and business people are using LinkedIn and other social media channels to help them in the business world. With the popularization of LinkedIn it has given us a valuable resource that we can use for many things such as

  • Post or look for job
  • Connect with co-workers
  • Connect with Professionals in your industry
  • Maximize exposure through a company page

People are seeing now that having in our everyday life is beneficial and have now become accustom to this sort of technology in their lives.

Another aspect of LinkedIn is finding groups and events that interests you. This is a huge part of LinkedIn and is a valuable tool to help you meet new people that can help you with your goals. Joining groups in LinkedIn is essential for you to meet new people in your industry or who have the same likes as you. It is also great for staying up to date on the the latest news about your field or industry.

Another aspect of LinkedIn is finding events that you can attend to broaden your horizons in the business world. LinkedIn always has new postings for events in the area that can be extremely beneficial in meeting new connections.

For venture capitalists this is a great opportunity to go to an entrepreneurial networking event and meet people with great innovative ideas. As a venture capitalists, aren’t you always looking for an innovative and sustainable company to invest in? These networking have entrepreneurs that actually come looking for you.  When you visit these events you have nothing to lose really. You can meet new people, find people in your industry and share critical information and at the least, you could meet someone who might know a friend that can help you out.

This is why networking is s crucial. Linked In has made it so easy to interact
with other people that share your industry and with lots of good ideas floating around these events it is not hard not to get excited about going to one.

For events that are in Boston, California and New York areas see below:


  • VC Outlook Dinner 2013 (Thursday, February 7th, 2013)
  • Something Ventured (Friday, February 8th,2013)
  • Boston Startup Weekend Presents “Sensored” (Friday, February 8-10th,2013)

New York

  • February Business Networking Mixer (Monday, February 11th, 2013)
  • StartOut NYC Presents: Entrepreneur Networking Event ( Wednesday, March 14,2013)
  • Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World (May,8-9,2013)


  •  Young Entrepreneur Happy Hour (February 6,2013)
  • Appsworld-North America 2013 ( February 7,2013)
  • SF Hardware Startup Meetup (February 7,2013)

All these events no matter where you are would be a great benefit to you greatly. The value of hearing about different ideas and meeting new people and companies is priceless and could turn out to be a powerful ally along the way.

Let me hear about your latest networking event experiences.


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