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With revenue of over 50 Billion, Google is now a major player in applications for everyone Infographic: Library of Google Products  #google #infographic #webaround the world. Google started in 1996 as a research project between Larry Page and Sergery Brin and has grown substantially since then.

Google was finally founded in 1998 only two years past the initial research project that had taken place at Stanford University.  Google has become one of the major companies in the industry and shows no sign of slowing down.

Businesses are now recognizing how the applications that Google offers can significantly help their businesses.

We researched the most common applications that are being implemented in businesses across the world and how these applications help businesses.

Google+-Has seen a very large involvement and is growing as a very useful collaborate application.  Google+ allows you to be more collaborative with colleagues and coworkers. You can share private posts and ask your coworkers questions. Scheduling online video meetings helps to make business meetings a lot easier.

Google Analytics- A useful tool that Equity Touch is currently utilizing in their marketing research. Analytics tracks website traffic and also marketing effectiveness. The application shows how many people visited your site and which days and times you get the most visitors.  If you write blogs this is helpful to see which topics your readers are most interested in.

Google Mail-E-mail that works on a desktop or mobile device, Gmail also offers text, voice and video chat options that are different ways to communicate during your work day.

Google Calendar- A collaborative calendar that can be shared with co-workers. Calendar alerts can be sent to you mobile device and multiple editors can manage the calendar for team collaboration. This could be very useful when trying to plan meetings and share schedules.

The Irresistible Rise Of Google PlusGoogle Drive-Is a collaborative filing network. Allows users to access files anywhere they have an internet connection.  This application incorporates the use of Google Docs, Sheets and also Google Slides. Multiple editors can also work on the same document at the same time. This application is especially useful when working from home or across multiple offices.

Google Apps Marketplace-Let’s third-party software developers sell applications that integrate with Google Apps. Currently the youngest of Google’s applications, but Google has shown that this app has become increasingly popular with businesses since the release of the application.

Google Apps has 5 million business and currently still expanding into many other businesses. Users can purchase project management apps or billing and accounting software. An application such as this suggests that the interest and demand for cloud computing platforms is increasing. These let programmers infuse business applications with collaborative apps.

“You give people freedom with the ability to connect and guidelines for good practices” David Glazer says. “It’s the kind of business orientated open standard that let customers buy the software they want from the vendors they trust”.

Google’s goal is to give their customers better apps. Applications the way they are asking for. They also mentioned that they will not be trying to challenge in the market for business and collaborative apps in the cloud.

With all the applications Google has been releasing businesses can utilize these tools to make office life a lot easier and a lot faster. Between highly collaborative software that includes multiple dimensions and also their App marketplace, it can make for a very dynamic office space. Innovative companies that adopt these valuable tools will see sustainable growth for 2013.

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