Raising the Bar for Business CRM Solutions: Intelligent Relationship Management

In this series of posts, we’re discussing how EquityTouch’s unique features place it ahead of the competition, making our CRM software the ultimate business solution for the alternative asset community. In our first post, we focused on the Simple Customization feature; this week, we’ll take a look at EquityTouch’s Parent/Child Relationships feature – a tool that allows users to create custom grids that organize easily-referenced points of contact.

What are you using to organize all of your contacts and their corresponding companies? If you’re stuck in the Stone Age and still use Excel spreadsheets, chances are every time you add a new contact you’re adding every little piece of information about them to numerous columns – job title, company, phone, etc. If you’re using a CRM with a “flat” database, you probably have to go through a similar process. We know that you don’t have time to import the same information over and over again for different data fields under the same parent company (e.g., same company info, different employees). This is why we created Parent-Child Relationships, or Intelligent Relationship Management, within our CRM database.

EquityTouch makes storing and retrieving company information simple. Any time you add a new employee to the database, you can easily add them to an existing company, creating a hierarchical table rather than a linear or flat database. This makes referencing information cleaner and more efficient. All information is stored under the parent company.

For example, if you’re working with Company XYZ, you’ll import the corresponding information about that company into EquityTouch, along with whatever contacts from Company XYZ you’re working with. Any subsequent interaction you have with those employees will be stored as a Touch – with the employee included as a participant. Because of Intelligent Relationship Management, adding any employee to a Touch will result in their company being included as well. Now, access to that information is streamlined and simple. Conduct a “people search” on the contact involved in the transaction and the resulting information will include that Touch. It will also be included on the company profile page in EquityTouch.

This process cuts out multiple steps necessary with spreadsheets and some other CRMs. It keeps all of your data organized in a fashion that makes sense to you and your employees. And best of all, the information is available and searchable for all employees, keeping everyone up to date and creating open lines of communication – which is essential to organizational success.

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