Raising the Bar for Business CRM Solutions: Ready-to-Run Reports

At Touch Ahead Software, we’ve raised the bar for business solutions by creating a powerful CRM software solution, EquityTouch, which helps businesses stay organized, leading to a better business process and measurable results. Keeping business contacts and relationships organized through Intelligent Relationship Management and having that information at your fingertips with Simple Customization tools are the first steps to seeing success. Now it’s time to measure the impact of those interactions with Ready-to-Run reports.

Staying true to our mission to develop software that is intuitive and easy to manage, EquityTouch includes the Reports feature. This feature allows our users to run reports based on the input they’ve so diligently been adding into the software day by day, giving your business a visual representation of the progress it is making as well as where there is room for improvement or changes. Because EquityTouch caters to the private asset community, these ready-to-run reports are perfect for monitoring the progress being made on different deals or keeping track of businesses that could lead to potential deals.

Using reports through the EquityTouch CRM is a great way to deal source by keeping tabs on the user’s network and trusted contacts, web scrubbing social media and industry sites for insight on the latest game-changers, and tracking any interactions they may have with entrepreneurs or other business contacts that may be looking to strike a deal. We understand you are busy, so having a tool that readily exports this data into an intelligible Excel, Word or PDF file to analyze your deals will help you make more informed business decisions.

Part of what makes a business great is its ability to look at the past and use that information to shrewdly calculate future business. For the alternative asset community, we’ve coined the term “Deal Forecasting” for this – predicting the number and size of future deals you expect to make and the subsequent cash flow and levels of production based on that information. With EquityTouch reports, you can evaluate current and past deals and cash flow, and use that data to determine what future deals may look like, areas of business you should alter, expand upon or improve, and more.

EquityTouch reports support the vast majority of alternative asset CRM needs because they pull a massive amount of data into one comprehensive report in the format that works best for you. And if you can’t find the specific report you need, we’ll design a custom report tailored to your precise needs – delivering you the best support and ultimate business solution.

To schedule an extensive tour through EquityTouch and an eventual trial of our product, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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