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Since Facebook’s launch in 2004 most customers have been using this new channel to keep up to date with friends or post about an important issue or product.

The latest person trying to get in on the action of Facebook is The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They created an event with Facebook called the “College Knowledge Challenge”. The idea launched a challenge to entrepreneurs and app developers for innovative education applications on the Facebook platform.

The apps are aimed to build peer groups for in-coming college students and help students with admissions and securing financial aid. When transferring from your high school years to college, students need more of an innovative and user friendly way to apply for colleges and manage finance. That is exactly what The Gates Foundation was hoping to do with this event.

How will this benefit our schools?

  • Higher connection to school, leads to higher graduates
  • Democratize the access and distribution of information
  • Create synergy between education and social networking
  • Allows students to build social connections outside their neighborhoods

With these apps they hope to create a deeper connection to education that was not previously felt by other generations. This could personalize the learning process. The transition between high school and your college years can be a difficult one so any apps that can help to ease the transition could be a nice change for the market.

Some of our favorite apps from this event are


  • Help college applicants collect and share information about colleges.
  • Manage research during application process
  • Applyful surface trends and insights to encourage decision-making
  • Develop peer groups to offer support and interactions

Career Connect

  • Specialize in education-to-career pathways
  • Creates social games that prepare students for careers
  • Open forum for student to research colleges and career planning
  • Questions will be searchable and multiple app users can respond to each question

Coach Me, Beyond 12

  • Serves under-served students who graduate from college
  • Automated alerts to help track critical deadlines on their smartphone
  • Users can be rewarded for completion and mastery of certain tasks and skills.
  • Share successes, challenges and key lessons with their support network and peers
  • Helps students towards mastery of their activities


  • Helps high school students or college students visualize their career paths
  • Develop personalized college career plans and locate resources
  • Uses Facebook Timeline and photos as a exploration tool

Whats Your Road

  • Virtual road trip experience
  • Explore pathways aligned with heir aspiration and connect with mentors
  • Will help to gain access and exposure to life pathways
  • How to “Build a life you love”

All these apps could be huge successes, not only in the sense of potential growth, but also in helping to create a whole new experience for students, which could prove to be so much more valuable.

From this chart you can see how much Education & Social Media (Social Media Delivered)
social media is already in our classroom
and how it is affecting how we communicate
in the classroom. Facebook allows us to stay up to date with student faculty and social relationships in the classroom. College students who use twitter achieve .5 point grade point average higher overall. Also 80% of college faculty use some form of online video using YouTube.

You can see just by these three that this can change the entire way we think about education and interacting in the classroom. With the development of Skype you could take classes online giving the effect that you actually in the classroom.

When it comes to education I believe that it’s important to use every available resource to help students achieve more in the classroom. In addition to textbooks students need group collaboration and group discussion to help their brain think differently. Utilizing these available resources will help our student be so much more involved in their school work.

Anyone taking online classes? Or wish you had this kind of group collaboration or resources when you were younger too? Let me know your thoughts on social media in the classroom.

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