Why Your Business Can No longer Live Without Mobile CRM

Following the recent economic recession businesses and business people alike have been looking for that extra edge that will keep customers and businesses connected.  These great connections will achieve valuable deals to help them thrive in the dwindling economy.

Customer relationship software (CRM) has been seeing great growth following the recent recession because now businesses are realizing how much this software can truly help their businesses. The larger companies such as SAP and Oracle has seen great numbers and very steady growth of about 3.4% growth in 2012 and show no signs of slowing down for 2013.

So who will benefit from CRM software? The answer to that is everyone in your business can benefit from this software. It’s especially useful for people who want to better understand the companies and people they are talking to. It’s especially useful for users who want to better help in closing deals with one program.

  • Assign Deals
  • Qualify Deals
  • Convert Deals
  • Track Opportunities

You can do all these things from one application and this helps you make more deals, and in tern make more money for you or your company.

This is all well and good but what if  you’re not a deal person. Well there are so many more departments in a company that can use the technology of a CRM to help with significant growth, including:

  • Marketing  run campaigns or form a database
  • The supply chain manager to deliver products and produce invoices all in one spot.
  • Support team manage cases, conduct training and develop a knowledge base.

So how would Mobile CRM help further?

Well more recently large CRM companies have been releasing mobile versions of their CRM software so users have all their leads and contacts in one place on the go. Allowing access the same information on your smartphone that you have on your desktop.

Gartner of Forbes magazine predicts an exceptional growth rate of 500% by 2014 for mobile CRM applications. This would be a huge amount of growth for any industry. These predictions of growth are no coincidence on how efficient people are finding these extended mobile CRM applications to be.


CRM In Transition: Social CRM and Mobile CRM
The world is becoming more social and easier to communicate in,with that in mind, each CRM application will be the forefront of customer relations for savvy users. With 488 million users regularly using Facebook you can see how not only are people taking there life on the go but are starting to be more connected through services such as Facebook. According to Socialnomics the biggest growth for any age from 2011 to 2012 was actually 45-54 years old. This tells me that now some experienced managers are utilizing these social connections to there advantages and we can only see a lot more for 2013.

Mobile CRM software will lead quicker follow-ups on new leads and increased productivity on projects. For 2013 we are seeing the immersion of a more “knowledgeable worker” Before customers were happy to receive weekly or monthly status reports of how progress was going on project, now there is a need for a more transparent and live connection between customer and projects. This is where a CRM software comes into play because you can keep your customer up to date at all times.

2013 predictions are showing that the need for mobile CRM is now a necessity rather than a luxury.  Businesses need to use all available resources so that they can be more efficient and grow as fast as possible. CRM with mobile capability is the way to do it.

Do you think you could do without a mobile CRM in 2013. Leave comments below. If you liked this blog check out our venture capital blog from last week.

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