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Staying a Touch Ahead – Client and Prospect Info at Your Fingertips
by:  John O. Cunningham, freelance writer/editor 

Despite being a CEO, as well as the founder and developer of three successful technology services companies, Nancy S. Keddy does not talk a lot about herself.

But ask her about her latest venture, Touch Ahead Software LLC, and she gushes with information about the company’s revolutionary Web-based service known as “EquityTouch.”

Keddy describes EquityTouch as a uniquely intuitive, fast and customizable product that not only tracks “touches” or contacts with customers, but “all of the people and organizations involved in deals, identifying how they relate to each other.” It sounds like a giant step beyond customer/client relationship management (“CRM”) software.

The former technology developer for TA Associates, one of the world’s largest global private equity firms, notes that her cloud-based software service was originally developed to supply a rich and robust box of information to meet the sophisticated demands of the alternative asset community (private equity firms, venture capitalists and other asset managers). Deal-making professionals in this field can benefit greatly from having a Web-based tool at their fingertips which can shine a light on all the invisible gossamer threads that tie together the deal-makers in the world of asset management and investing, including lawyers, bankers, accountants, and investment advisers.

Thus, Keddy and her team developed a tool that can upload and analyze all kinds of targeted data from Web-based sources of information, such as Hoover’s, Dow Jones or LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media. EquityTouch can also tie the data – ranging from financial data to social relationship information – to targeted companies or individuals as well. It can also track a target company’s progress from private letter of intent to going public.

EquityTouch might just as well be called Legal Touch, HR Touch or Touch Them All because, as Keddy explains, “The ability to customize this program and upload data enables us to fulfill the uniquely simple or complex needs of any company or industry that must track and manage multiple layers of relationships.” She adds, “Our solution layers lots of pieces together and allows the customer to reslice them in any way they like, allowing them to track and view data according to need.”



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