Our Team


Nancy Keddy - CEO & Co-Founder

With over a decade of experience as a business women and entrepreneur in the technology and software arenas, Nancy Keddy is an expert in business technology and software development needs. Leveraging that knowledge, Nancy Keddy co-founded Touch Ahead Software in November 2008. As co-founder and CEO, Nancy oversees the company, and the product development vision.

Prior to the launch of Touch Ahead Software, Nancy founded NSK, Inc. in 1995, an IT Consulting Services firm specializing in onsite IT services and custom software development. While working at NSK Inc. Nancy was instrumental in creating and planning multiple custom software development projects for the financial services community.

Nancy also co-founded Everon Technology Services, LLC in Boston, Mass in 2003, a Managed IT services firm and is currently a board member.

Tim Lasonde - CTO & Co-Founder

Tim co-founded Touch Ahead Software with Nancy in November 2008. Timothy and Nancy have been working together since 2001. In 2005, he took the role of partner and Chief Technologist to assist in growing NSK Inc. Tim is responsible for managing the technology services division of Touch Ahead Software. His duties include managing the technology staff and working with customers to design, manage and implement their software solutions.

Tim has a BS from the University of Massachusetts. Prior to joining NSK Inc, Tim worked as a network and systems administrator for Oncogene research products, a cancer research facility in Cambridge.


Keith Mitchell – Software Architect

For Keith Mitchell, web architecture is all about exceptional performance, fastidious best-practice coding, and team development. Our current primary web architecture is an original 4th-generation asynchronous XHTML, XML and javascript (AJAX) light-object persistent framework with dynamic templates, which has produced three patent applications and dependable praise from our customers.

Keith studied at Cornell, M.I.T. and Texas A&M, and has a mature history in emergent technologies, including sales management, project management, and systems design. Keith has been architecting scalable high-performance web frameworks, with Microsoft technologies, since 1999. During the dot-com explosion Keith managed and delivered web projects for many high-visibility clients. Nancy and Keith met in 2006, while Keith was writing data interfaces and management systems for distributed consumer and B2B e-commerce platforms.


Catherine Briggette – Marketing Director

Cathie is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all Touch Ahead Software’s marketing strategies, marketing communications and public relations, both internally and externally. She also serves as the Marketing Director for NSK Inc., which she joined as an associate in 1997 and where she worked as a developer on multiple mission-critical projects — including several financial projects.

Prior to Touch Ahead and NSK Inc, Cathie was the Marketing Manager for the US Software Division of Objects 9000, a German-based company. And before that she was the Marketing Director for Pelikan Pens.

Touch Ahead Team