CRM for the Alternative Asset Community

EquityTouch® enables deal-making success six ways:

  • Clearly visible relationships and communications
    Buried among potentially thousands of Touches are the ones relevant to a given situation. EquityTouch® lets you find them easily based on your personally selected criteria. Even if someone leaves a company and moves on to another, their information and touches move with them
  • Minimal data entry
    No one likes entering data. EquityTouch® lets you avoid most data entry altogether thanks to tight integration with other tools where the data already exists — such as email, calendaring, social networking sites, and commercial databases (e.g., Hoovers, Dow Jones). Simply tell EquityTouch® which companies you are interested in and EquityTouch® imports the company and people information for you. EquityTouch® also lets you designate another person such as an associate to use the system in your place, so they can enter data for you.
  • Customizable intuitive views
    Investment professionals want to see data presented on their screens their way. EquityTouch® offers a clean, uncluttered interface that each user can tailor based on personal preferences — but without affecting how the underlying data is stored. They can add or remove fields from the screen as well as change a field’s screen location. In addition, administrators have the ability to delete custom fields from the database and also create custom fields, and define how those fields may be presented onscreen (for example, as text or currency). Custom fields are immediately searchable as soon as they are created.
  • Superfast performance
    Users have little patience for slow software or screens that take too long to refresh. EquityTouch is built for speed with advanced web technologies that allow for maximum performance from our advanced servers.
  • Zero maintenance
    Organizations resist adding yet another application to deploy and support across data centers and desktops. EquityTouch is a web service hosted by Touch Ahead. We keep the solution always up-to-date and maintained so you don’t have to.
  • Extensive training and support
    It’s not just a question of using the commands correctly. We'll show you how to get the most from EquityTouch®. You'll be up and running quickly. Your solution will be optimized. And so will your deal making practices!
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