Press Releases

Touch Ahead Software LLC Is Formed

March 6, 2009  |  Boston Massachusetts

Two Boston based entrepreneurs (Nancy S. Keddy and Timothy J. Lasonde) announced the formation of a new software company.

Touch Ahead Software LLC (also located in Boston) develops cutting-edge SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Touch Ahead's premier product is EquityTouch®, a remarkable CRM solution enabling organizations to intelligently manage new business opportunities. EquityTouch® prides itself on being the fastest, most affordable CRM solution, while delivering the most vital features of a CRM and a completely customizable interface.

While still in development, EquityTouch® promises to take a unique perspective tracking needs for new business opportunities. Company executives alluded to being live at a large PE firm very soon.

The announcement was followed by a promise of further announcements in Q1 2009.