Company Overview

Touch Ahead Software is a CRM solutions company focused on bringing the benefits of advanced technology to the alternative asset community. Those benefits include dramatically reduced total cost of ownership and time to implementation combined with dramatically higher user satisfaction and organizational profitability.

Nancy Keddy, a 20-year veteran of both the alternative asset and IT industries, founded Touch Ahead alongside cofounder and chief technologist Timothy Lasonde — both of whom conceived the original design on which EquityTouch was built.

EquityTouch® began as a software project by NSK Inc, the custom software development company that spun off Touch Ahead in 2008. The project started in 2006 with the objective to upgrade an existing CRM solution at a major private equity firm. The PE firm wanted a new front-end interface that would display information in a more intuitive, performance-oriented format.

The result was the core code on which EquityTouch® is based — software its designers believed had far-reaching market implications beyond these original projects. They launched Touch Ahead to continue EquityTouch development and pursue those greater possibilities.

As an independent company, the founders believe, Touch Ahead is well positioned to take advantage of game changing technologies like SaaS, AJAX, cloud computing and social networking — and in the process reinvent best deal making practices in the alternative asset community. This insight, based on a deep experience and understanding of the industry, ultimately led to EquityTouch® as it exists today — a truly best in class solution within the alternative asset CRM space.

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