Services and Approach

Touch Ahead understands the alternative asset environment.

Most CRM users are unhappy with their current solution. We Listened! At the 2009 ACG (Association for Capital Growth) Intergrowth and ACG Growth conferences, we found that 76% of respondents are dissatisfied with their current CRM solution. Furthermore they told us the features most desired are “ease of use”, “schedule management”, and “ability to get a clear snapshot”.

Touch Ahead understands the alternative asset environment. That’s why we created a better way to manage deal collaboration — one that is fast, easy to learn and delivers clear visibility of all interactions — the “personal Touches” — surrounding any deal.

For example, we understand that investment professionals don’t come to work to learn software — so we give them a clean, clear and simple interface they can start using immediately. We know that each user has his or her own particular style — so we make it easy for them to customize their screen layouts and workflows fast. Most of all, we know they won’t wait — so we created an on-demand web-hosted application so fast it feels like it’s running on their desktop.

We provide tools to easily and quickly import and clean the data from your existing sources like Filemaker Pro,, Microsoft CRM, Excel, ACT, Outlook, CSV and others. Our Data Merge tool makes it easy to remove duplicated entries from your system. Once imported to EquityTouch, your data becomes easier to organize, analyze and report — so you recognize opportunities a lot faster.

Should you have questions, our support experts are ready to help. We they understand the issues surrounding deal collaboration CRM — so you are talking to experts.

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