Superior Technology for Better Performance.

EquityTouch was designed from the ground up to be the perfect CRM solutions in the alternative asset environment with better performance, unparalleled customization and fast searching. Users get more tasks done faster with fewer distractions at a lower cost of ownership. The “secret sauce” is actually a combination of technologies:

Cloud Architecture
The EquityTouch application is a service running on Touch Ahead servers that respond to JavaScript calls from the user’s web browser. Back-end services are highly scalable — meaning that the number of service instances grows as workload increases — so application performance stays high.

Cross-Browser and Mobile Support
Using web standard development practices leveraging HTML5, CSS3, XHTML, jQuery and Microsoft .Net Framework 4 the application can be accessed from any web-enabled device. On Apple and Windows computers we support IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Opera and Safari. The same technology allows us to support a wide variety of mobile web devices, Equity Touch currently support iPhones, Blackberry, Android, Android tablets, iPad. Whether your organization is in the office or on the go we make the newest technology work for you.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 lets us easily structure your data no matter how unstructured it may seem — such as email, calendar events, research reports and personal notes – to help you stay a touch ahead of the completion with fast searches, custom fields, and strong custom reporting tools so you can get the most out of your data.

In combination, these core technologies offer benefits to both users and the organization:

  • Fast performance (Still Accelerating)
  • No maintenance and support to burden your IT staff
  • Easily tailored to reflect your unique business operations, user preferences and best practices
  • Subscription-based pricing, no upfront capital investment required, no investment required period
  • Fast implementation
  • Integration with other third-party web services (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Clients retain ownership of their data and can easily customize and manage it their way
  • Access Anywhere on your phone, tablet, laptop, home PC or workstation.