Feature Videos

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Superior Searching

Superior Fast Searching
One of the many ways EquityTouch® distinguishes itself from other CRM products is its superior searching capabilities. In this feature video, EquityTouch® demonstrates its impressive ability to navigate through hundreds of thousands of records in seconds.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Groups

Saved / Shared Groups and Searches
With saved and shared groups and searches, EquityTouch® offers useful ways to track your evolving data, keeping you and your team up-to-date on all collaborative efforts.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Relationship Management

Intelligent Relationship Management
Understanding how different people from different organizations relate to one another can be a challenge. EquityTouch® tracks these complex relationships with intelligence, giving you the complete picture and showing you how everyone is connected.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Fly Out Touch

"Fly-Out" Touch View
Investment professionals love to multitask. EquityTouch® lets you search, view and update company or contact information in one Touch while you create another Touch.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Web 2.0 Integration

Web 2.0 Integration
Avoid data entry and save time by importing data directly into EquityTouch® from D&B, Dow Jones, and Hoovers. Stay up to date on the people involved in deals by associating people to LinkedIn profiles. Track deal-relevant information in real time via RSS feeds. Conduct searches directly in EquityTouch on Google, Twitter and Yahoo!

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Statistics

Track who is contacting whom, how, how often, and with what results. Statistics are updated dynamically. Touches are sorted by type and linked to the dynamic data results.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Financials

Customizable financial history. You determine which financial information is important to track (i.e. Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income, Average Stock Price, etc.)

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Document Management

Document Management
EquityTouch® document management is easy and flexible. There is no limit on the amount of documents you upload, and you are able to upload files in any format. Upload those business plans and important legal documents without any restrictions, allowing others to see all the pertinent documents for a client.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Virtual Users

Virtual Users and Delegates
You have the option to delegate another user to “act” as you, enabling others to easily enter information in your behalf.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Outlook Integration

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook Exchange
Email, calendars, and contacts created in one application — EquityTouch® or Outlook — can be shared with the other as requested by the user. This saves time, avoids data redundancy, reduces unnecessary data entry and eliminates possible errors.

Play EquityTouch VideoCRM Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Customization
Change screen layouts directly within the browser window without painful configuration settings or opening a new window.