Getting to Know Touch Ahead: Keith Mitchell, Software Architect

Keith Mitchell is a Software Architect. He’s worked at Touch Ahead Software for five years and has been living in Boston for over 20, where he has successfully raised a 21-year-old daughter. But Keith is much more than just another techie at a software company.

Originally from Biloxi, Mississippi (down around New Orleans), Keith was raised an “Air Force brat” – a child whose father was in the Air Force – and he and his family moved around quite a bit, picking up and leaving every three years or so. But don’t feel bad for Keith – he had the opportunity to live in some pretty cool places along the way. One of his favorites? “Alaska – it was gorgeous,” he says. He recounts one “evening” when his mother ran outside to fuss at him for playing baseball. Turns out it was two o’clock in the morning, and Keith was simply enjoying Alaska’s “midnight sun.”

Keith has also spent some time in the Colorado Rockies – in a hut, in the middle of the woods, in the mountains. He practices and teaches meditation, and was experiencing what they call a Taoist hermitage. “It was fun,” Keith says, and then adds with a laugh, “I’ve been around the block a few times.”

As for future plans, Keith’s got a few things in mind. He and his wife went to China on their honeymoon, and would someday like to play heavy metal in the Hou Hai Lake district of Beijing.

At Touch Ahead, Keith designs the software systems that we implement. He reads and writes all of the coding that most normal people view as an entirely separate language (it kind of is!). Keith works with the Touch Ahead development team to create new software. He “also rants a lot” according to an anonymous member of his team. We won’t name any names. It’s all part of the job.


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