Equity Touch CRM SaaS – Leading Way to Manage Client Relationships

Web based CRM SaaS is inarguably the way of the future. Optimized speed, high quality performance, access from many computers and locations simultaneously, reduction in IT costs and a competitive market leave no justification for other operations. “’The CRM market, in particular CRM on-demand, is still a very dynamic marketplace,’ says Rebecca Wettemann, vice president at Nucleus Research. “I think these CRM SaaS companies will continue to improve their usability by adding things like social media, more integrated analytics, and more usable mobile access.”

Performance and functionality engage clients to try out CRM SaaS services. These programs work hard for you so you can work hard for your clients. With optimized speed they are able to run faster than a desktop application. Drop down boxes and auto-fill category fields allow quick and easy access for end users to look at options while performing advanced searches.

It is important to recognize the convenience of web based business applications. Employees are no longer bound to their desks, homes, cities or regions. With CRM SaaS an application never has to be installed, therefore, end users can always be on the go. Without the client based installations and extra associated costs, the budget necessary for IT help is significantly reduced and rerouted towards progressing the needs of the business. This, along with a substantial amount of companies providing services allows for competitive pricing.

“Similarly, SaaS is also used for processes such as sales automation, customer support, and recruiting. By itself, this nugget may not mean much. However, I think it might be interesting to note that SaaS usage is highest in cross-functional areas. For example, CRM integrates within multiple areas of businesses such as sales, web based and email marketing and customer support to produce a coherent business strategy. These integrations help businesses tie in with one of the major perceived benefits of SaaS: moving beyond silo-centric operations to an integrated value chain.”


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