Touch Ahead Software Releases Tradeshow Tool For Flagship Program

Touch Ahead Software, creators of EquityTouch, a deal sourcing and collaboration tool for private equity and venture capital firms, has added a new feature to their flagship product. EquityTouch now includes a Tradeshow Tool that allows users to easily upload information collected from tradeshows, expositions, and other large business gatherings into the application.

Brian Le Blanc, VP of Software Development, explains that the tool is a result of a request from one of EquityTouch’s subscribers. “A client came to us with a pain point. They wanted to automate the process of importing company data from trade shows that they often attend. In their previous application, they would search for each company manually and add the ones that were not represented by way of a form that they had to fill in.” The Tradeshow Tool makes data entry into EquityTouch much more efficient.

Now, EquityTouch clients can take contact data from tradeshows in the form of an excel file or comma-separate value (.csv) file and import directly into the program. Once uploaded, EquityTouch then checks to see if the new contacts are already in the system and updates profiles with information gathered from web-based business databases built directly into the EquityTouch software.

The new tool saves users a lot of time and eliminates multiple contacts in the system. It also allows subscribers to locate and pinpoint new investment opportunities by sifting through pages of data in a matter of seconds compared to manual reference that can take hours. Le Blanc says, “Now they only need to specify the location of the file to import, and EquityTouch automatically searches for matches in either their own data or in a third party data provider. The process couldn’t be simpler.”

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