Employee CRM Adoption

If you worry about employees’ reluctance to learn how to use the new CRM software your organization has just invested in, this post may help ease your mind.

Since investing in CRM software requires a substantial amount of thought and careful consideration, you have the right to want everyone in your organization to use the software to its full potential. You may worry that some people will be reluctant to use it, or that they won’t want to put effort into learning how to use it. Although not every CRM system is difficult to use, some people find it hard to leave their comfort zone and become familiar with a new way of doing things – even if the new way will benefit them.

The following suggestions may help ensure that employees are willing to adopt the new software:

Lead by Example

If you want employees to be as excited about the new software as you are and to see the value it has in helping with everyday tasks, it helps to be an avid user yourself.

If employees know that you don’t actively use the software, they probably won’t think it is worth it to use it themselves. After all, why would an employee use software that a leading figure in the company won’t even use? Take the time to explore your new application and you will see how greatly it benefits you. You will then naturally want to share your enthusiasm with others in the organization. Also, there is likely going to be someone who stands out in your organization as a quick adopter. Encourage this person to help and motivate others.


Once the CRM software is implemented, it can’t be expected that employees will automatically know what to do with it and which buttons perform what function. Therefore, it is necessary that there are learning resources available to employees.

Training sessions help employees learn the purpose of certain functions within the software, as well as how to enter data correctly. They help everyone to be on the same page and learn how to use the software strategically. It helps to think of examples that are applicable to your organization’s processes to use during training. If you find a certain tutorial video interesting, share it with those you think could really benefit from it. Remember to take advantage of the learning resources the CRM vendor has available!

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